About the Author

Logan Seper (AKA Logan Blitz) is a kid who wanted to start a webcomic. Over the years Logan has loved comic strips and has dreamed of making his own. Every comic he read when he was younger inspired him and made him want to do his own and ended up making many inspired strips that he never did anything with. 

As he grew up he realized that all of the ones that he made were too much like famous ones that he liked as he didn’t know any better than that when he was that age. Many of those comics he liked were: Calvin and Hobbes, Garfield, Big Nate and Pearls Before Swine. Later he discovered webcomics in the form of ones like Invisible Bread  which inspired him to make his own webcomic. After awhile the characters of Cody and Merlin were born!

About the Characters

The characters of Cody and Merlin were inspired by Pearls Before Swine with it’s style, humor and of course, the anthropomorphic animals, except some of the main characters are human. Logan started Cody and Merlin as a pastime, but, after a while he decided to post it online as a webcomic. The webcomic idea was mostly after he discovered Invisible Bread (the name is a link, click on it!) and decided he could post his comic online.

The main character’s personality’s are based on different characters from comic strips he loved reading, Cody was based on himself, Merlin was based on Rat from “Pearls” and Jack was based on Hobbes from “Calvin and Hobbes”; Perky, Polly, The Cats and Macy are not molded after any characters although Polly may have some traits form Guard Duck (also Pearls). Cody and Merlin is a crazy world and Logan is very proud of it!
FUN FACT: Merlin was originally going to be a Pomeranian but Logan didn’t like the image as it was too hard to draw
Cody and Merlin's Adventures
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